Seydel Consulting

Pipes - Systems - Technologies

Achim Seydel

With more than 30 years experience in production, development and sales of plastic pipes  and pipe systems for pipe installations in housing technology we advise companies in this  business worldwide.

We can offer following services:

  • products (pipes, fittings and accessories) recommendations of assortments, applications and development
  • pipe production (PE-X pipes and multilayer pipes) advice of investments, process, profitability and optimization
  • pipe and system market (hotwater installations) research, evaluation, business contacts and information
  • agency of products pipes for housing technology, such as PE-Xa, b, c; PE-RT; PP-R, PB and different types of multilayer M, screw, – press, – sliding sleeve fittings; PP-R welding fittings accessories for pipe-systems, aluminium foils for multilayer- and PP-R stabi pipes and more.

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